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General Information

Landscape Maintenance - General Information

 Stated below is an indepth look at the services we preform when we do individual maintenance included in our services agreements.  Depending on the plan you choose, the extent of work would range from the basic elements of each service to highly comprehensive service plan. 

A full explaination of service is stated below;

Spring Cleanup: (March and April)

  • Pickup (Blow / Sweep) all leaves, twigs, sand and any other debris on the driveway.
  • Pickup (Blow/Sweep/Rake) all leaves, twigs, dead grass, and any other debris on the lawn and shrub beds.
  • Edge all walkways that have grass as a border.
  • Edge all flower and shrub beds accordingly.
  • Prepare flowerbeds for first planting.
  • Weed out unsightly under growth in shrub beds.
  • Cut and Prune all shrubs and small trees appropriately.(Pruning to be performed seasonally according to recommended pruning time and techniques)
  • Search for undetected turf problems (Bugs / Diseases).


          (Per Request Spring Cleanup Services)

  • Remove dead or unsightly plants. (We will replant any small shrubs that have died. If necessary, large scale plant rip-out and replacement will require its own contracted price. Replanting will only commence after discussion with you and after approval for any additional costs that will occur if replacement is necessary).
  • Hydro-seed all balding turf areas. (Per request only, call for price quote).

Weekly Service: (Last Week of April thru the first week of October)

  • Cut and trim all lawn areas (Cutting height may vary during season due to weather conditions).
  • Blow natural debris and clippings from sidewalks and driveways.
  • Pickup any man-made debris and garbage.

Monthly Services: (Starting one month after spring cleanup, One visit per month - May thru September) (Herbicide costs factored in price)

  • Cut and Prune all shrubs and small trees that are in their prime pruning season (Trees no greater then 12 feet in height). Any tree suckers will be removed to maintain a clean and healthy tree appearance. (Pruning to be performed seasonally according to recommended pruning time and techniques).
  • Edge all walkways that have grass as a border.
  • Weed and maintain all large shrub beds and Curbing. (Herbicide will be applied as needed).
  • Provide any extra services requested in advance.
  • Maintain Flower Beds.
  • Hydro-seed all balding turf areas. (Per request only, call for price quote).

Fall Clean up:

Your Fall Cleanup costs are based on three separate cleanup visits to your property. The combined total costs for these three services will be your total costs for the fall leaf season. (October, November, December).

Please Note: The start date and intensity of leaf fall during the fall season varies year to year due to a multiple of reasons, most notably, weather conditions. It may be necessary to begin leaf cleanup earlier or later during the season. Total yearly costs for regular Fall Cleanup will not exceed the quoted price set forth in the rates and fees section of our service agreements. Only if you require actual leaf removal and disposal away from your property (i.e. Leaf Vacuuming, Trucking and Disposal Costs) would additional costs incurred.

When and how our normal leaf cleanups will be performed is described below.


  • Weekly maintenance will continue until the first week of October.
  • No Services will be performed during the second week of October.
  • Your first fall cleanup will be performed during the third week of October. The second will be two weeks later, during the second week of November. And the third and final cleanup will happen during the last week in November or the first week in December. The lawn will be cut again during this time if needed. Upon completion of the final cleanup, our seasonal contract ends.


  • Clean up (Blow, Rake, and Sweep) all leaves, twigs and any other natural debris from property.
  • Please Note: Fall foliage will be blown towards any wooded area not used as a flower or mulch beds. Fall foliage that is close to the building, too far from a wooded area, or located on a piece of property where there is no wooded areas, can be picked up and moved to a dump site on the property or(Vacuumed) and removed entirely from the that area. (If Scapes Landscaping is required to remove the leaves entirely from the property, additional costs will apply. Current dumping fees are $15.00 per cubic yard. Dumping Fees will be billed to you as they occur.)
  • Blow off all driveways, parking areas and walkways.

(Per request only)

Scapes Landscaping Inc. provides a comprehensive fertilization plan. Scapes Landscaping Inc. uses organic fertilizers as well as man made fertilizers to enrich a property's lawn, shrubs and trees. Our normal fertilization plan is as follows:

Turf Treatment:

First Application: Early Spring fertilizer / Pre-emergence crab grass and weed control

Second Application: Late Spring slow release fertilizer /Post-emergence broad leaf weed control

Third Application: Summer slow release fertilizer and grub control

Forth Application: Late Summer/Early Fall slow release fertilizer /Post-emergence broad leaf weed control

Fifth Application: Fall slow release, dormant fertilizer (Provides nutrient saturation during winter months. This establishes a fertile ground for the next Spring Season growth.

Lime Application: Pelletized Lime (Reduces “Drift,” Stabilizes acidity in soil to prevent moss growth)

Please Note: Additional fertilization, weed or pest applications and their related cost may be necessary if unforeseen conditions emerge. (Additional costs apply)

Shrub and Small Ornamental Tree Treatment: (Per request only)

Different shrubs and small trees require fertilization, horticulture oils, and pesticide treatments at different times of the year. Treatment depends on your landscape plant selection and any pests or disease that they may have. Shrubs, ornamental trees and larger shade trees should be part of a cohesive strategy called Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM programs often use pesticides, but the emphasis is put on keeping pests at low levels through the use of other pest control strategies so that pesticides are used less often, and serious pest problems are prevented. Before any treatment is performed a diagnosis must be made. Only then can an effective control be implemented. In an effort to keep down costs, this service is only offered as an individually billed item.

Large Tree Service: (Per request only)

This service is not included in our maintenance plan. This service is only available on a per job basis. For a price quote, please call our office.

Irrigation Service: (Per request only)

In am effort to minimize our standard landscape maintenance costs, this service is not included in our maintenance plan. If you wish, yearly startup and close down/blow out service could be included within the monthly billing. All service work would be on a per job basis.


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